Monday, July 16, 2018

Download Monster Hunter Double Cross XX [English Patch V4] 3DS ROM


Download Monster Hunter Double Cross XX  Download Monster Hunter Double Cross XX [English Patch V4] 3DS ROM

Game Name : Monster Hunter Double Cross XX [English Patch V4]
Platform : Nintendo 3DS
Versi Game : -
Publisher : Capcom [2017/03/18]
Genre : Adventure,RPG,Actions
Size : 1.8 gb (Compress)
Upload by : VT
Link Download :

Info Patch :
Translation : 100%
- Overall clean up of previous content UI.
- New content in MHXX
- Monster Names added
- All Hunter Arts Names and Descriptions added
- Several Item Names added
- Styles/descriptions and specific items names/descriptions added
- All facilities and menus have been transed for usage, but not 100%
- Some Quest objectives and subquest added
- All Armor Skill Names, full descriptions, and stats added
- All palico support moves and skills added
- Translated Assets
- fixed a crash bug
- Corrected all vaild reported issues. (Thank you!)
- Many itemname adjustments and additions.
- All new weapon names completed.
- All New Deviant Quest titles.
- Many Armor name additions.
- All Quest sub quest entries added.
- Added Smithy Kinsect translations.
- Added entries for StreetPass menu.
- Added most description entries to Lab expansion options.
- Various UI clean up and additions.
- Adjusted NTR plugin to work with game update
- Due to popular demand, we have omitted default English Hub Name
- Cleaned up Guild Card UI
- Corrected GC Village Names
- Added more ItemNames
- More reported issues fixed (Thanks!)
- All new Palico WeaponNames completed
- More ArmorNames added
- Many Additions to Village Request Hunter's Log
- Added all new Kitchen Ingredients and Dishes
- New NPC Name additions and changes
- Various minor fixes and additions
- Item Names 100%
- Felyne Armor Names 100%
- Hunter's Log 100% (minus quest names)
- Guild Card Titles 100%
- Adjusted and abbreviated some item names for upgrade menu
- Adjusted and abbreviated some skill names for talisman menu
- Adjustments and corrections to Weapon Names
- Adjustments and corrections to Armor Names
- Further cleaned up of many UI menus
- Added Fatalis Trio Quest Names for online searching
- Adjustments to all Quest objectives (Main and Sub)
- game version 1.2.0 compatibility
- minor improvements
Credits :
  • MaximusX800
  • dasding
  • silverhawke
  • dasding
  • Yakumomo
  • Darkrai
  • Lukexe