Gbwhatsapp Plus V6.90 Apk Based New Wa 2017

 Update again from whatsapp application modification GBWhatsApp Plus v6.90 Apk Based New WA 2017
Mod-Andro251 | Update again from whatsapp application modification, do you already know this application? GB Whatsapp is a Wa app that is modifed into a more attractive form not just the look but there are some features that you can see the following reviews.

Good evening guys, recently admin share with whatsapp the latest official version. whatsapp or what is known as the WA is one of the applications that can be spelled out must be used in your favorite android. this is of course because of its functionality and its associated ease of communication in this modern era. Send data, files, messages until the free phone is packed in Whatsapp. And the more interesting you can have for free and hundreds of millions of users including your own friends.

In addition now modifying whatsapp or WA MOD update the form and its features become more interesting. the result of modder creativity in innovating whatsapp makes little difference in appearance and features. Well this time the modification of the instant messaging application called GBWhatsApp. The design is so elegant with the theme of the material to make the display more beautiful and interesting than usual. Well for you who are curious as to what kind of GBWhatsApp this can see the image that is below ini.seperti visible in the screenshot below where the look becomes elegant and stylish. it was when meilhatnya not quickly bored.

Currently not only its appearance but the part that makes a lot of users want to have it is a feature of gbwhatsapp itself. video cream capabilities that can exceed the official limit of up to 30 MB where normally only 16 MB. and in send images can be at once up to 90. many emoji also found in gbwhatsapp. nah this latest update is Dual Whatsapp or Whatsapp clone that functions and keguannya allows you to have two whatsapp at once in one device phone / android tablet. very useful is not what else if considering our needs terhadapa this application is less if only with one account.

Fitur GBWhatsApp:
  • Dukungan Telepon Gratis
  • Dukungan Video Call Gratis
  • Pilihan privasi
  • Kemampuan untuk mengirim video ukuran 30 MB bukan 16 MB
  • Kemungkinan pengiriman 90 gambar sekaligus
  • Mengubah ikon agenda dan pemberitahuan
  • Dual/ Clone 
 Update again from whatsapp application modification GBWhatsApp Plus v6.90 Apk Based New WA 2017
    Yang Baru di Versi 6.90: 
    • Based on the latest version of WhatsApp 2.17.223.
    • Message Scheduler Inbuilt – Now you can schedule WhatsApp messages from this app.
    • Hide View Status Privacy.
    • Added option for hide chats, save status/story.
    • New Emojis Added.
    • Video Calling Feature is now working.
    • Send Videos Upto 50 MB.
    • Set Group name upto 35 characters.
    • Fixed Various Bugs while sending videos.
    • You hide your last seen, Blue ticks, Second tick, typing a message and much more.
    • You can also copy other people status on your clipboard.
    • You can send the broadcast message up to 600 people at once.
    • You can put status of 255 characters instead of 139 characters without any issues
    • About 100+ language supports
    • Change theme easily by going into theme option
    • Mod to stay online for 24 hours (consume more battery)
    • Can be installed along with original WhatsApp without clashing
    • No ban issues
    • Create your WhatsApp theme and submit it to GBWhatsApp
    • Send images up to 90 in one click instead of 10 images
    • Press links without saving the admin and contact numbers on WhatsApp group and contact number
    • Ability to copy selected text of WhatsApp
    • You can also add lock on your WhatsApp without any third party software
    • You can also change the application icon and notification icon.
    Bagaimana cara install WhatsApp Mod GBWhatsApp di Android ? 
    1. Hapus versi sebelumnya dari ogwhatsapp (apabila sudah instal)
    2. Download  GBWhatsapp apk dari link dibawah
    3. Install apk.
    4. Masukan nomor + aktivasi
    5. Nikmati gres WhatsApp Plus terbaru
    Download Link WhatsApp Mod GBWhatsApp [Best WA+] Apk:

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