Mx Player Pro V1.9.8 Apk (Patched/Ac3/Dts) Terbaru

 Are you looking for the best video player on android MX Player Pro v1.9.8 Apk (Patched/AC3/DTS) Terbaru
Mod-Andro251 | Are you looking for the best video player on android? if yes you must try MX Player Pro.

Usefulness of the smartphone continues to grow and not just as a medium of communication alone, even with the addition of MX Player Pro APK then you can watch movies from smartphones. Of course this is enough to help you to spend spare time or wait for something not to get bored and just play the game to check social media and games.

MX Player Pro is a great video player application where we can practically view any movie, on our mobile screen we are hours away, no matter the format because any format can be played on MX Player Pro.

This app, in theory, is a video player for Android that performs multi-nucleus de-codifications. This means it will provide higher performance against apps similar to Google Play that only use one core on the Android terminal.

Currently, one of the most exciting elements of MX Player Pro is the large number of gesture controls that will allow us to manually do everything with manual shortcuts. For example, it will be enough to launch our finger from top to bottom on the left of the screen to go up and down the brightness level. If doing the same on the left side of the screen will increase and decrease the volume.

Another interesting option is the possibility to load the subtitle and edit it and its size, size, color ... we may be able to play with subtitle. Moreover, it supports the following formats: SRT, TXT, SUB, SSA, SMI, MPL and AAS.

MX Player Pro is one of the alternatives we can find about the video player for Android. Not only will we have a lot of services on our storage, but also from an interface that is easy to use, convenient and easy to access.

Fitur MX Player Pro:
  • Fitur lock screen dapat dipilih semoga dikala layar tersentuh film tetap akan berjalan sehingga tidak mengganggu anda dikala menonton
  • Multi-core decoding akan menciptakan kinerja smartphone 70% lebih baik dibandingkan dengan single-core
  • Pinch to zoom akan memudahkan anda untuk memperbesar atau memperkecil tampilan layar
  • Kids lock akan membantu untuk memperlihatkan hiburan pada bawah umur tanpa membiarkan mereka menciptakan panggilan atau membuka aplikasi lainnya
  • Didukung dengan subtittle scroll yang akan menciptakan text dapat bergerak maju dan mundur lebih cepat
  • Hardware decoder akan menciptakan anda dapat mendapat lebih banyak video
  • Bebas iklan sehingga kenyamanan anda terjamin dikala menonton film favorit

 Are you looking for the best video player on android MX Player Pro v1.9.8 Apk (Patched/AC3/DTS) Terbaru

Yang Baru di Versi 1.9.8:
    1. Fixed: HW+ & SW playback issues with some protocols
    2. Improved: Non-smooth HW+ playback of certain videos on android 7.x (Non-smoothness of HW Decoder can't be fixed as it's broken in the android itself)
    3. Fixed: Background play always resumes despite of settings
    4. Fixed: AVI files starts at random position
    5. Fixed: Black screen in split screen mode
    6. Fixed: Playback failure of some local m3u playlists
    7. Fixed: Blank space on the top of medialist screen
      App Info:
      Name:  MX Player Pro
      Category: Music & Video Player
      Size: 12 MB
      Version: 1.9.8
      Update: 18 September 2017
      Developers: J2 Interactive
      Required: OS Android 2.1+
      More Info: Google Play

      [Versi Baru] Link Download MX Player Pro v1.9.8 Apk (Patched/AC3/DTS):

      [Versi Lama]
      Link Download MX Player Pro v1.9.6 Apk (Patched/AC3/DTS):
      Link Download MX Player Pro v1.9.5 Apk (Patched/AC3/DTS):


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